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                       Van Bowman, President
Shelah Haggenmaker
                       Paula Chapman, Secretary
Ed Lumadue, Vice President
                       Gayle Collier
Sharon Lumadue
                       Marie Durrer, Treasurer
Thomas Mallory
                       Dickie Durrer
Bill Stump



Instructions on exhibiting in the inside exhibit area are as follows

a. Official Entry Form must be submitted at the entry table at the time of entry of exhibits.
b. Exhibitor will be assigned an exhibitor number and given a tag for each exhibit to be entered.
c. Exhibitor will be responsible for filling out the tag and placing the tag on each exhibit to be entered.
d. Workers at the entry table will be available to answer questions.
e. It is suggested that handwork (needlework, sewing, etc.) be enclosed in clear plastic.
2. Any person entering more than one exhibit is requested to use the same name and full mailing address on all entries.
3. Exhibitors must place exhibits at the location designated by department heads.
4. Exhibits must not be removed from the grounds until the time specified in the schedule of events.
5. Classes with only one exhibit will be awarded placings at judges' discretion.
6. The Greene County Fair Association, Inc., reserves the right to refuse any entry offered and to require removal from the grounds of any exhibit or animals which the Board of Directors shall for any reason deem unfit or rejectionable.
7. The exhibitor assumes all risks of damage or loss either to person or property for any cause whatsoever. It is further expressly understood and agreed between the exhibitor and the Greene County Fair Association, Inc. that the said Fair incurs no liability or obligations to the exhibitor, other than to permit the exhibitor to use the grounds or buildings for exhibits.
8. All complaints must be presented in writing to the Greene County Fair Association, Inc., no later than thirty (30) days after the close of the Fair.  Complaints will be considered by the Board of Directors and their decision shall be final.
9. Articles exhibited must be the work of the person in whose name they are entered, must have been made in the last three years unless otherwise stated in special rules, and not previously exhibited in the Greene County Fair. Quilts must have been made within the last five years and not previously exhibited in the Greene County Fair.
10. Premiums will be paid as soon as the list of winners can be audited.
11. Inside exhibits will be closed during judging.
12. Entry forms may be found in the catalog.
13. Exhibitors must be residents of the world.  Please refer to the Livestock Rules for rules and regulations governing that area.
14. There will be seven divisions in the Inside Exhibit Area:Youth 1-4; Youth 5-8; Youth 9-14; Youth 15-19; Adult 20-61; Senior Citizens 62 +; Special Citizens - open to all with special needs.
15. Prizes in all departments except Livestock will be: 
           1st Place -  Blue Ribbon
           2nd Place - Red Ribbon
           3rd Place -  White Ribbon

A sweepstakes award of $5.00 and a green rosette ribbon will be awarded to the individual with the best exhibit in each section in each division. This decision will be made by the judges. A participation ribbon will be given to all youth 1-4, youth 5-8, and youth 9-14 who have exhibited.
16. Premium checks MUST be cashed within 30 days of issue.
17. Anyone removing entries before the specified time will forfeit ribbons and money.
18. Non-Perishable inside exhibits may be entered Sunday, August 2nd, 3:00-6:00 p.m. Non-Perishable exhibits include Sections 4000 through 4500; Sections 6000 and 6100; Sections 7000 through 7600. All other inside exhibits may be entered Monday, August 3rd, 4:00-7:00 p.m.
19. Exhibits may be picked up after 9:00 p.m. Saturday, August 8th, if you are attending the fair and are already on the grounds, and from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Sunday, August 9th.
20. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the fairgrounds during fair hours.
21. The Greene County Fair, Inc. reserves the right to adjust dates, times, rules, entries, and areas of competition that may become necessary due to oversight or unforeseen circumstances.
22. NO PETS other than those entered in competition are allowed on the fairgrounds. All pets must be removed after the close of the competition. This rule will be strictly enforced.
23. Posting of signs or carrying of signs shall be restricted to rental booth space ONLY. NO roving vendors or roving solicitors will be allowed on the fairgrounds, including the parking area.
24. Dress Code - Proper attire (such as shirts and shoes) is required at all times while on the fairgrounds.
25. Firearms not allowed on fairgrounds, except for law enforcement officers.
Be sure to read each department's special rules in the Fair Catalog.

Information Current as of July 6, 2009